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Medical Gases

GTS-Welco is your total medical gases & equipment provider. Whether it’s pure medical gases, medical gas mixtures or the equipment needed to safely and efficiently administer these products, GTS-Welco is your single source solution.

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Medical grade oxygen, air, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen, and nitrous oxide are available in both cylinder and bulk form. Specialty medical mixtures include clinical blood gases, lung diffusion, laser gases, artificial atmospheres, and analytical calibration blends. We also provide Oxyfume 2002® sterilant gas mixtures.

GTS-Welco has incorporated Western Medica’s OxyTote® Portable Oxygen System into its diverse medical product offering.This latest innovation in integrated valve technology addresses healthcare’s continuous search for a safer, more cost effective means of administering portable USP oxygen.Highlights of the OxyTote® unit include an easy to read contents gauge, MRI compatibility, 50-PSI DISS port and 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, & 25 liter settings. When mounted on GTS-Welco Inc.’s ergonomically friendly, rust free, standard lightweight aluminum E cylinder the OxyTote® is clearly the finest “all-in-one” E tank package available today.

GTS-Welco provides a full line of quality gas related storage and distribution equipment.Cylinder carts & racks, regulators, gas manifolds and cryogenic freezers are just a few of the itemsin our medical equipment product line.

All GTS-Welco medical gas production facilities adhere to FDA guidelines and are subject to routine inspection by certified internal and external auditors to ensure compliance with all current good manufacturing practices.

Above and beyond our medical products line, at GTS-Welco we pride ourselves on being reliable, flexible, and responsive to our customer’s needs.This is reflected in the innovative products we offer, customer friendly order processing, and attentive account management. Call us today at 1-800-942-1148 to find out more about our medical products and services or to arrange a visit from your local GTS-Welco account manager.

GTS-Welco's Product Offerings: Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Carbon Dioxide - Co2