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Clarke® Premium SB9008 10 Gallon Pressurized Abrasive Blaster



  • 10 Gallon Tank Volume

  • Automatic “Deadman” Shut-Off Valve

  • 8 ft. Hose

  • 6-20 CFM Air Consumption

  • 65-125 PSI Working Air Pressure

  • Replaceable Ceramic Tips

  • All Steel Construction

  • Water Trap

  • Manual Air shut-off valve

  • Uses the following types of abrasive media: aluminum oxide, glass bead, garnet, walnut shells (almost any abrasive except play sand)



  • 8 ft. Hose

  • 4 sizes of ceramic tips (2-2.5-3-3.5 mm) included

  • Protective Hood/Headgear

  • Filler Funnel Included


This is our medium size pressurized tank blaster. It is suitable for home and professional use. It’s perfect for welding or paint surface preparation and easily removes rust, paint, and other coatings.


Clarke® Premium SB9008 10 Gallon Pressurized Abrasive Blaster