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Praxairmidatlantic.com offers a full range of Welding Supplies, Industrial Gas, Medical Gas, Specialty Gas and Specialty Equipment. We are an ISO 9001-2000 Gas Supplier!

Our product offering includes welding supplies from leading manufacturers such as:  Miller Electric, Lincoln Electric, Thermal Dynamics, Hypertherm, Tweco, Victor Equipment Co., Harris Calorific, RealGear USA, Clarke Power Products, and many more! If you don't see the particular welding supply manufacturer you are interested in, please Contact Us!

We manufacture and package a large variety of Industrial Gas and Specialty Gas products like:  Argon, Acetylene, Balloon Gas, Breathing Air, Carbon Dioxide - CO2, Helium, Hydrogen, MAPP®, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Propane, just to name a few.

Also featured at Praxairmidatlantic are Welding Gases, some of which include:
StarGold™ & MIG Mix Gold™ Blends (Ar-Co2), StarGold™ Blends (Ar-O2), Stargon® CS Blend (Ar-Co2-O2), Stargon® SS Blend (Ar-Co2-N2), Helistar® GV Blend (Ar-He-Co2), Helistar® Blends (Ar-He)

One thing is for sure, Praxairmidatlantic can meet your every need from welding supplies, industrial gas, and specialty gas and equipment. Please select from one of the two categories above and begin to browse our site. If you have any questions at all, please let us know. Use the "contact us" above.

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